Brighter Mornings is your personal recovery concierge, offering a gateway to a vibrant community of local like-minded people. Members of Brighter Mornings have access to a private Facebook group where real-life connections are built. Members also gain access to exclusive organized events and activities all held in the heart of Chicago.  

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Brighter Mornings makes sober life fun and productive. The Brighter Mornings network consists of sober people from across Chicagoland who enjoy a drug-and-alcohol-free community. Regardless of your age, background, or personal interests, Brighter Mornings offers many ways for you to engage in clean, clear-minded fun.

Founder, Kim Sardo

Hi, my name is Kim and I have struggled with using alcohol. I have come to realize that addiction is not an easy thing to overcome and that while some people can be 'normies' AKA - normal drinkers, I cannot. I tried a lot of ways to help with my issue and the only thing that works is full abstinence. I created Brighter Mornings to create a local community where we can all build relationships and have fun outside support groups.  

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