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Founded in Chicago by local professional Kim Sardo, Brighter Mornings is a personal recovery concierge that offers a gateway to a vibrant community of like-minded sober people. Brighter Mornings provides a platform for making real-life connections via drug-and-alcohol-free activities while also accessing support resources that can help you to grow and thrive in recovery.


In a world where people are more connected than ever before via smart devices and social networking platforms, isolation is on the rise. Brighter Mornings pulls people out of their homes and into the light of day to meet, connect, and enjoy the presence of one another while experiencing all that the city of Chicago has to offer. Whether you are interested in sampling the fare at some of Chicago’s best restaurants or having fun hiking, trying an escape room, visiting a local museum or going on a sunset run, Brighter Mornings has something for you to do while meeting like-minded sober folks near you. Brighter Mornings also offers a variety of events and resources geared toward equipping you with the tools you need to grow, including vision board workshops, creativity seminars, and a guide to sober-lifestyle resources that can help you stay successful in recovery. Try something new with a thriving network of people who want to meet you. 

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Sick and tired of being...

Sick and tired. That is how I felt after 20 years of drinking.

Me and alcohol are very much like oil and vinegar. We never mixed well. It was August of 2012 when I realized I had a problem with drinking. I hit a bottom that landed me in the hospital. Family and doctors discouraged me from having a drink ever again. After that episode I had many attempts limiting my alcohol consumption. I even tried to set rules for myself such as to only drink on the weekends, only consume beer and no drinking before 6pm, but that never worked. When I decided to quit all together, I struggled. I felt as if removing alcohol was a life sacrifice and I relapsed. My first drink after months of sobriety put me right back where I was. Sobriety hasn't been easy but this time it is different. It's different because I came to peace with this decision. I'm doing this because I want to not because I have to. My last drink was on September 4, 2017. With support and a network of like minded people, I will continue to try to live a sober life one day at a time. 


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Smart, Sophisicated, and Sober

Dear alcohol, 

I'm disappointed. You made me think that I was always going to feel better.  You made me believe that I would develop and build strong relationships. You made me think that life would be full of fun and excitement. You betrayed me! Life with you has actually been quite the opposite. You've only caused frustration, sadness, anger and illnesses. After 20 long years, I recognize that I deserve to live a fulfilled clear and happy life. 

It's time we break up (for good this time).