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Founded in Chicago by local professional Kim Sardo, Brighter Mornings is a personal recovery concierge that offers a gateway to a vibrant community of like-minded sober people. Brighter Mornings provides a platform for making real-life connections via drug-and-alcohol-free activities while also accessing support resources that can help you to grow and thrive in recovery.


In a world where people are more connected than ever before via smart devices and social networking platforms, isolation is on the rise. Brighter Mornings pulls people out of their homes and into the light of day to meet, connect, and enjoy the presence of one another while experiencing all that the city of Chicago has to offer. Whether you are interested in sampling the fare at some of Chicago’s best restaurants or having fun hiking, trying an escape room, visiting a local museum or going on a sunset run, Brighter Mornings has something for you to do while meeting like-minded sober folks near you. Brighter Mornings also offers a variety of events and resources geared toward equipping you with the tools you need to grow, including vision board workshops, creativity seminars, and a guide to sober-lifestyle resources that can help you stay successful in recovery. Try something new with a thriving network of people who want to meet you. 

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